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We offer comprehensive medical case management, Medicare set aside (MSA), injury case management, Workers’ Compensation case management, catastrophic case management, life care planning, telephonic case management, medical file review, as well as job site analysis and consulting for all your case management needs. 

Preventing injury is important, which is why our certified Nurse Case Managers provide you with consulting services to help identify any opportunities to modify the work environment and create a safe place to work with minimal injuries to those on the job.

Our medical case management services can help you get back on track as efficiently as possible. We have extensive case management experience, so we understand the importance of getting to the root of the problem quickly. Cost savings related to effectively managing work related injuries, as well as injury prevention, are critical to your businesses profitability and we share the same philosophy.

We consider ourselves experts in Workers’ Compensation and Medicare compliance so our clients can expect our certified Nurse Case Managers to address each aspect of every case with thorough analysis and great attention to detail. Clients can be confident that our Medicare set aside reports are accurate and defensible.  

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  • Access to Physicians on staff
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Our company is your #1 source for professional case management services. We include performance guarantees into each of our contracts, measuring achievement that is specific to each employer. 

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Short Term Disability
Our experienced nurses provide professional case management services from the first notification of injury to case closure. 

We provide personalized management of client care ensuring that our clients receive adequate and timely support to assure quality diagnoses and treatment plans. 

Nurse Case managers also provide individualized care rehabilitation plans, ensuring patient conformance with treatment plans; satisfactory rate of recovery; and, when applicable, return to work on undefined or accommodated duty as therapeutically indicated. 
Medicare Set Aside