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Case Management

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All cases are aggressively managed to meet the injured worker’s health needs while promoting quality, cost effective outcomes.

Immediately upon notification, our dedicated case managers work to establish a valuable connection with the injured worker. At the onset of each case, case managers conduct an intake with the worker, assessing the injured worker’s medical needs and identifying, reviewing and evaluating treatment options. Determination of medical status, expected length of treatment, work capability and case direction recommendations are discussed immediately with the employer.

The speed of communication eliminates lag time often associated with the mis-management of workers’ compensation claims.

Treatment is managed proactively and aggressively—as necessary—ensuring that medically appropriate care is provided (and conversely that medically inappropriate care is not) within the 10-day provider window. Remaining mindful that medical and indemnity costs drastically increase with delayed intervention, obtaining an accurate diagnosis as early in the process as possible increases the likelihood of a successful outcome for both the employer and employee.

We offer unmatched access to a wide range of local (in-state) and non-local (out of state) specialty medical providers whose expertise undoubtedly secures the highest standard of care and has contributed to establishing SCM as a leader in the industry. After 15+ years of developing close relationships built on mutual trust and respect (by remaining relentlessly committed to ethical and honest practices), SCM has earned a reputation of “STRAIGHT SHOOTING” each case, eliminating the provider’s concern of employer/insurer bias and instead instilling confidence. The Specialty Medical Providers with whom we cooperate are proud to be involved with SCM. This trust further ensures that providers feel comfortable working with the patient, case manager and employer to release the injured worker to return to the workplace in either a modified or full capacity, as soon as is medically reasonable.

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