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For employers, we help you reduce
the costs associated with workplace injuries.

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Our 24/7 nurse triage program is the standard
for all of our clients.

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For injured workers, we make it easier for you
to get you back on your feet.

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We offer unmatched injury and incident program development.

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About Summit Case Management Services, LLC

Summit Case Management Services, LLC (SCM) is a Maine business specializing in medical case management and occupational consulting services.

Our small, woman-owned and operated company has over 20 years of experience performing Workers’ Compensation catastrophic case management, field case management, telephonic case management and other occupational services in Maine, extending as far as New York.

SCM offers unrivalled occupational solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of YOUR business—reducing overhead by minimizing the exposure from workplace incidents.

what we offer

Our experienced nurses deliver superior case management services from the first notification of injury through to file closure. Cases are aggressively managed at the onset to ensure accurate diagnoses are obtained, appropriate treatment plans are developed, and that an employee is able to return to their pre-injury status as soon as possible. Not only do we utilize data-driven best practices, we also realize the importance of establishing relationships with those we serve, recognizing that often times recovery entails more than simply medical care.

Medical Case Management

We specialize in Catastrophic Case Management, Field Case Management and Telephonic Case Management. Not all cases are the same, and our case managers work together to maximize clinical knowledge and experience in order to deliver optimal recovery and decreased costs for all parties involved.

Incident & Injury Program Development

Preventing injury is fundamental to a successful incident and injury management program, which is why Summit Case Management provides onsite occupational consulting. Let us help identify opportunities to modify the work environment and work together with you to develop a formal program that is tailored to your unique business and industry.

Translation Services

We recognize the expanding demographic base of businesses large and small. To better meet the needs of our clients, Summit Case Management offers in house certified Spanish translation to improve the quality of service and remove the barriers posed by the inability to comfortably communicate with one another.

Early Intervention

We specialize in reducing costs through aggressive management and early intervention of work place injuries. Medical and indemnity costs drastically escalate with delayed intervention, which is why we ensure that fast, medically-appropriate care is provided, and conversely, that inappropriate care is not.

Premier Medical Providers

We offer unmatched access to a wide range of in and out-of-state specialty medical providers whose expertise undoubtedly secures the highest standard of care and has contributed to establishing SCM as a leader in the industry. The specialty medical providers with whom we cooperate are proud to be involved with SCM.

Compliance Overlap

SCM maintains awareness of the overlap existing between Workers’ Compensation, OSHA and HR compliance. Our ability to maneuver the complexities of these systems reduces your short and long-term exposure.

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173 Gray Road
Falmouth, Maine 04105
(207) 797-7771