Our Short Term Disability program goal is to reduce costs associated with employee disability benefit by closely monitoring the medical need of the disability claim. We firmly believe that each diasbaility claim is unique and we educate our clients about viable treatment options and guide them toward appropirate physician consultations. By collaborating with physicians, therapists, clients and employers we feel we can reduce fragmented care which will promote quality cost effective outcomes and expedite the clients safe return to work. 
Our standard service includes:
  • Assessing and analyzing injured clients care for medical necessity
  • Coordinating health care services
  • Educating clients about treatment options
  • Monitoring clients progress toward desired outcomes
  • Communicating regularly in-person and telephonically with clients, employers, medical providers, attorneys, and insurance companies
  • Evaluating outcome of clients care
  • Partnering with the medical providers to develop appropriate work restrictions. 
  • Reporting and other required documentation of all casework activities

Short Term Disability
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